The course structure


Our basic course structure.

We have everything structured so that the learner has a comprehensive learning experience. Our goal is not to teach little tiny snippets but elements which gives you different ways and possibilities to expand your own path of work. We are also committed to teach how to build up a jewellery and not to carve out of wax for casting. When you learn how to build up a jewellery you learn 4/5th of the necessary techniques of the basic jewellery field.   

Every single offered element is part of a picture of working capabilities which is only focused to learn to make your specific jewellery. You learn basic technical skills which enables you to work different jewellery types, not only the specific type you are learning your techniques on. Every learning sequence is interconnected within the entire work spectrum. Learning techniques in making a 2 dimensional graphic brooch is self explanatory to the work with many earring types or pendants. With it you learn the pre-steps to building rings.

To go this road of building your jewellery gives you a lot of knowledge and personal work independence in the jewellery field and you will be not bound to specific techniques like.


We also envision that you start relatively slow with very little resources like tools, equipment or material. Therefore we have implemented a workshop and tool section to give you explicit possibilities to decide how you start your learning experience. The first sections you may do in 4-6 weeks but you also can do it in 3 or more months, its just up your possible time frame you have to work comfortably.

When you get into more detailed and complicated work you will be able through the “Workshop and Tools” section to chose more and advanced tools to achieve your work goals. You can find books and magazines to get inspirations to go further, all based on the technical information to acquire in your learning sequences.


essentials periphery tools, workshop
essentials techniques measuring - marking - sawing - filing
basic periphery tools, workshop
basic techniques transfer sketch to metal - sawing - filing - cleaning
Jewellery rings - earrings - brooches - pendants
  two + three dimensional