Welcome to the Internet Goldsmith!


An exciting journey

Delve into the time-honoured trade of goldsmithing with our 100% online course. Crafted especially for people with restricted or limited access to traditional courses or institutions, iGoldsmith empowers students from all walks of life to achieve their goldsmithing dreams, without being limited by one's geographical location. Our content is presented in easy-to-understand modules which serve to round out your technical skill set. They can also be used as an existing skills support base for already practicing goldsmiths.

Polish Your Techniques

Your most important goal is to ensure you grasp the techniques in full. From measuring, sawing, and filing, to bending and soldering, our course covers all the most important techniques in detail. When you have all the skills in hand, your design possibilities are endless.

Create Stunning Jewellery

iGoldsmith shows you with detailed step-by-step explanations how to design, and craft basic jewellery pieces. Here you will gain valuable knowledge of the techniques required to create flawless and unique rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, as well as clasps or cuff-links. Throughout the course, your tutor will also provide trade-secret tips and hints to help you master more complicated techniques along the way.

Your Complete Toolbox

Our comprehensive tools and workshop section guides you to work productively in a positive learning environment.

Students are given insider information about how to source tools and materials from quality suppliers all over the globe - and how to identify which items are of the most economic value.

Setting up your very own workshop with essential equipment is also covered in these modules.

In this self-paced online Jewellery Course, you will learn jewellery fundamentals and practical techniques for getting started in your professional career.

Through hand-on training, this metalwork-focused program will enhance your craftsmanship and transform your creative and technical skills into wearable, marketable artwork.

We offer you dedicated instructions in providing remote support, at your own pace, through online communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, e-mail, and more.

What you will learn in short:

·  Workshop Set-up & Tools

·  Basic traditional Goldsmith Techniques

·  Production Skills

·  Budgeting & Marketplace



Apply and you will enjoy!